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Bank mess

This piece of bad service happened to my boyfriend last week. We are mostly wondering what the next step should be.

He stopped working at his old job in October, and was told his final paycheck would be mailed to him. A couple of weeks went by and he tried calling to see if it had been mailed out and was told that it had been. Another week and a half went by and he called the office again and told them the check hadn't come. They said they would make out a new check and he could pick it up at the office. He picked it up and cashed it - the date on this check was for earlier that week (and the original check never did come).

He was out of work for a month or two following that, and recently got his first paycheck from his new job. He went to his bank to deposit his paycheck (for the first time in a couple of months) and was told he had a nearly $300 fee on his account and that it had been frozen. On further inspection it turned out that the check he had cashed back in November had a stop payment placed on it. My boyfriend was never notified about this by the bank, but they told him that they had sent a letter to him. We never got this letter. The bank has told us to contact his employer, and that there is nothing they can do.

I understand it's not the bank's fault that his office stopped payment (which doesn't even make sense seeing as he picked up the supposedly "new" check), but surely they have to notify someone if this occurs. What would you do in this situation? He is going to talk to his former boss about this but he isn't sure she will be much help.
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