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TacoTime blues

I went with a couple of coworkers to a TacoTime awhile ago for lunch. We have an hour, and we're not management so we don't get the flexibility of putting our feet up and enjoying some liquid courage and coming back 3 hours later.

We observe that it's pretty freakin' busy, we're behind a few orders in line, but are optimistic about the line moving relatively quickly...

until after more careful observation we see that the orders are all being delayed because there's one BIG order being filled in the back. We're talking BOXES of tacos. So the perky idiots that placed this order show up, it isn't quite ready. (ETA: WTF are you guys doing offering a 12 noon deadline on a big order? Hello, LUNCH RUSH?)They offer to help pour drinks. As in, go behind the counter, into the employee area, and start filling drinks. I'm gaping, going wha?! He wouldn't... he can't... if a health inspector showed up...


These unwashed, uncertified, uninsured morons are back there filling drinks. Not far from the cash register and any of a number of other potential bad situations. I don't want these idjits touching my drink! But being that they'd taken over the employee's spot in front of the fountain, I sorta didn't have a choice - I lacked the time to refuse my order and tell them to get their shit together. At least they weren't touching my food, I suppose.

And even before I got the chance to order - whatever happened to "first come, first served"? The asshole behind the till served 4 - yes, ladies and gents - FOUR drive-thru customers while I waited to order. The girl in the group who ordered before me (before the 4 cars) sat there staring at her food, watching it get cold slowly but not wanting to start eating before we got to the table. And there were 2 more orders to go (in our group) after me!

In short... what the fuck?!

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