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WTF service with SCE (Edison)

Hi all,

I live in southern California where Edison (known here as Southern California Edison) is the main, if only electrical supplier. Now they have a service where they will send someone out to trim trees and branches that are growing into their electrical lines. Normally, this is an excellent service because it is totally free.

I live in a duplex that has a 20ft tall plantain tree in our yard area. It's a pretty awesome tree, we get to harvest the plantains and eat them when they are ripe. :)
However, once a bunch is harvested, the branch it was growing on dies and must be trimmed back almost to the ground. It's been a while since the tree was trimmed so I called up our landlord and told him about the problem. No big deal, he'll send someone out.

Unfortunately we were hit with a huge rainstorm that rained almost non-stop for two weeks. So the tree trim was pushed back and pushed back. When it eventually stopped raining, I noticed that some of the branches of the plantain tree had bowed to the point where they were pulling on the power-lines. I was afraid the lines were going to snap and called my landlord again. He told me about Edison's tree service and advised me to call them A.S.A.P.

My boyfriend called Edison and told them we needed someone to come out for a tree trimming service and that it was extremely urgent, if not an emergency issue because of the possibility the lines would break. They took down our address and said they would send someone out immediately.

By the end of the day, no one from Edison had come over. I was pretty miffed because this could turn into a dangerous situation real quick. Our landlord ended up stopping by and cutting down the problem branches himself. Yay, awesome landlord.

Fast forward to 4 days later:
My boyfriend gets a call on his cellphone from a blocked number. He answers, and finds out it's the Edison technician! He's saying he's outside our place and tells him the address.... Which is for an apartment building my boyfriend lived in over 3 years ago! This building is over 3 cities and 30 mins away from us on the freeway.

Boyfriend explains that he hasn't lived there in years, and that he called 4 days ago for an emergency service in *our town*, but the problem has since been fixed because it was an EMERGENCY situation. Edison guy tries to argue that he's here to do the service and blah blah, but there's nothing we can do because we don't live there!

My thoughts are that they looked up my boyfriend's name in their database and saw his name on an account for the old address and ignored all the other information... like the correct address and the fact that his account with them was cancelled 3 years ago when he moved out of the old place.

TLDR: Call Edison for emergency power line service; nobody shows up until 4 days later at a way wrong address after problem was already fixed by us.
Still, it would have been nice to have a person trained to deal with the situation rather than my landlord risking the lines or branches falling on him.

EDITED to fix a few typos.

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