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I was on vacation in Miami with my mom and son. A good friend of mine lives around there, and her fiance invited me to his job for New Years Eve. I was SO excited since I never go out, the restaurant he works at is beautiful(Bongos- Gloria Estefan's restaurant), and at least I would be with someone who knows the area well.

I then realize I have ONE pair of shoes with me, and they are boots. I run to Payless with my mom quick to pick up a cheap pair of heels. Also, I'm a size 11w, so I can NEVER find shoes to fit me at any regular stores.

I go into the store, and almost immediately find a pair of heels I love, and they are all marked $12.99! Even better. I bring then up to the register, and they ring up $26.xx with tax. I asked her if they were on sale, and she called another employee for help. He immediately told me no, they weren't. I mentioned to him that they were all marked the sale price, so they both go back too look. She comes back up, laughing, and says there is no ticket. I KNOW I saw one. I work retail, and I know how things get mixed up, but every pair of this style had the sale price on them. I told her I would show her, and I when I go back there, I notice all the tickets are gone. Not only that, but all the boxes have "rips" where the stickers were, so I called her out on it. Nicely, I said " I was JUST back here, and these shoes all had tickets on them, and they have clearly been ripped off." She laughs, and says "Well, things change price all the time!"

I asked her if they would honor it, but she just walked away from me. So I asked AGAIN thinking maybe she didn't hear me. She turned around, shook her head no, and went to help other people. So I told her "Well maybe your District Manager would like to hear about the stuff the employees do to customers in the store." She just rolled her eyes and laughed.

I called customer service, and they said they will speak to the store, and send me something in the mail(Which is not why I called, but a very nice gesture).
Tags: "greatest" cashier evar!, bad training, boot to the head class, clothing/shoe store
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