Living a Life of Chaos (kitashla) wrote in bad_service,
Living a Life of Chaos

Possibly Bad Netflix or Suntrust Service

I'm not entirely sure who is giving us the bad service, but at this point it's just ridiculous and we have no way of resolving it.

We have had Netflix since December of 2009 with no issue. They tried to run our card at our regularly scheduled payment time, but the payment was returned because there wasn't enough money in the account. (My paycheck was delayed because of process the company had messed up on.) This hasn't ever been an issue in the past. Just have them rerun the card on the website and everything is fine.

Except this time it won't accept the card. Every time we try to rerun it, it tells us that there is a problem with the card. It does this with both mine and my husband's card.

Now, Suntrust did decided to go from using Visa Checkcards to Mastercard checkcards and switched our cards out a couple of months ago. But Netflix had already had one successful transaction on the new card.

Here's where the kind of bad service comes in. We called Netflix to find out what the problem was and they told us that it was a problem on the bank's end. That when they tried to run the card, it returned with an error that the distributor wanted the card returned.

So, we called Suntrust. They checked both the cards and the account and said everything was fine. And that they have no record of Netflix trying to process any transactions during that time span.

Called Netflix. They had us re-enter our information on the website over and over again. Same error. Problem with the card, try another. They insisted it was the banks fault again.

Husband got on the phone with the bank. They once again checked everything and said it was all exactly where it should be. Pointed out that we'd had several successful transactions since the first time the card was rejected and that it should be fine.

Back on the phone with Netflix (we're snowed in, so I guess now is the perfect time to play phone tag) who then offers to get on a conference call with us and the bank. (Which should be noted, is VERY good service.)

They spent the entire time accusing each other of messing up and that it wasn't anything on THEIR end. Which is all well and good, but DOESN'T SOLVE OUR PROBLEM.

The end result is that there is nothing anyone can do and it would seem that we will have to lose Netflix because it won't process transactions with these cards. We can use them everywhere else with no problem but Netflix.

The Netflix guy had no other options for us and just said that's the way it is.
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