Neon Rainbow Kittens (hartssong) wrote in bad_service,
Neon Rainbow Kittens

Yankee Candle Woes

So a few days before thanksgiving I decided that I wanted to pick up a few of the Christmas Tree scented Yankee Candles since I have a fake tree this year. I log online and find out they have a buy two get two free sale. Yay for me! So I order four candles figuring I can send two to a pair of friends out of the country for Christmas and two for me. The E-mail says it'll take 2-3 business days to ship, which is fine. For international shipping cheaply I can send it the first week of dec to get it to England by christmas. So Thanksgiving comes and goes, and still no shipping update.

So I e-mail them asking what was going on, what had happened, was something wrong and got a form letter back saying that due to unexpected volume there was a delay in shipping, but they would ship out in the next five business days and since their warehouse is in my city I'd get them next day. Which okay, that's fine. Still cutting it close, but fine. So I wait five days to Dec. 6th, it's now been two weeks since I ordered them and asked what was up. I got another form letter back of "Due to unexpected volume..blah blah...wait five days..blah blah."

Miffed I call the number and they tell me the SAME thing. I explain i ordered two weeks ago, that I need the candles to ship to someone over seas to get there by christmas. She apologizes but says there's nothing she can do.

Alright...fine. If they don't get here in time well I'll either eat the cost of shipping them internationally in a more expensive fashion, or I can keep them and maybe give them to coworkers for christmas as a gift. So Dec. 13th roles around, I still have NO candles, christmas is a week and a half away, and now when I look at the website I see "BACKORDERED" and a notation that they will ship in 10 days. No e-mail, no interaction, nothing. Just a notation when I logged onto the website that it was now in a backorder status.

Yes you heard that right, 10 days, maybe. So they would ship over a month after I had ordered them, arrive (maybe) christmas eve and are four large jar candles that are christmas tree scented. Each of those jar candles by the way burn for over 100 hours, there's no way I could use them. Even one would still be around long after the holidays.

I call the number again and tell them to please cancel the order, that I had no need of the candles by that point and was told that she couldn't since it was already at the warehouse. She said I would have to refuse the shipment if I wanted a refund. I asked if it required a signature, which it doesn't, which means the delivery people would just drop it off. So now to return it I'd have to get the package and then go to the nearest FedEx or UPS just to return the dratted things! Oh and my shipping wouldn't be refunded either.

I asked her if there wasn't another way since I tend to get busy around the holidays and I can't promise I"ll catch the delivery guy to refuse the package and she said absolutely not. So I was stuck and finally got off the phone. TWO WEEKS LATER after new years I get the money back in my account. No e-mail, no contact, no explanation, nothing. Just refunded my money 39 days after I ordered the candles.

I've never had such a lack of communication, there were no e-mails saying things would be delayed, backordered, refunded, nothing. They just counted on me to complain to them to get anything done. Not worth it, no matter how nice those candles smell.

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