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I had to go to urgent care and got medicine and went to the closest 24 hour walgreens. I walked in to 1 person back there with a line with at least 10 people and im annoyed but I see another woman head back there which made me happy.

So its my turn and I told her I would be waiting and she said 2 hours and my jaw hit the floor. Never have I seen that. So I sit down and im now extremely annoyed. So, I get up after an hour and I ask if we can transfer the prescription to one near my home so I can sit home and wait because this was not how I planned to spend my anniversary night.

He tells me the woman didn't scan me as a waiter but that I would come back. Now I specifically told her this and he calls over to ask her about it she tells him I said id go home and come back.

Why on earth would I say that? I never planned to go home because im in pain and I am not by my home and im not driving all the way back here. Its late. Yet she proceeded to argue this. So now I have a 20 minute wait and I could have had this done a while ago. Thanks for completely ignoring me.
Tags: *medical/pharmacy
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