was never much but we've made the most (jira_rd) wrote in bad_service,
was never much but we've made the most

Just joined because I was reminded of a suck that I went through when I went into a psych ward.

Long story short, when I was 19, I had weight loss surgery (lap band) and dropped from 265 to 195 pounds. And then got hit with a massive wave of depression and developed a very bad eating disorder (one that had been simmering for a while but hadn't actually full-fledged developed). I managed to ruin my metabolism and binge/purge up to 240 pounds when I went into a psych ward for suicidal intent.

Now, my doctor hadn't told me that taking birth control and Topomax could risk pregnancy so at the time I wanted to get a gyny exam done and a pregnancy test. I had cut myself up pretty bad before going in, all along my legs mostly. The ob-gyn who was examining me commented on how I was a beautiful girl and shouldn't do that to myself, which pissed me off pretty rightfully because clearly if I knew I was beautiful, I wouldn't have tried to kill myself.

She then asked what the scars on my stomach were from. I told her weight loss surgery. And she replied, verbatim, "Oh, I guess it didn't work for you."

I went silent and reported her as soon as she left. According to one doctor, she's considered weight loss surgery herself and so maybe that's why she said it. But what if I'd been 400 pounds and was now 240? I was just astonished that she would say something like that.
Tags: *medical/pharmacy, bedside manners, it's only bad service if you die

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