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Autozone: bad made good

So as I was desperately in need of new windshield wiper blades, I went to Autozone to buy some since I thought my boyfriend had said they'd switch 'em out for you.

Salesguy is very helpful, but when I ask if he can help me change them he says, "Oh, we don't do that."

Awesome, well it shouldn't be too hard right?

Sadly no. Neither boyfriend nor I could figure out what we were supposed to be doing, and there was nothing in the owner's manual about it. We check online, there's nothing helpful there either. He's pissed because he's only ever bought blades from there, and they always switched them. I'm pissed because now I have to go back and return them, so I can go somewhere they do sell & install them.

I go back today to return them. A different guy (with a different looking nametag; he wasn't a manager but it said something about customer service on it) helps me, asks if I bought the wrong size, they're defective, etc. I explain no, I just couldn't figure out how to change them so I was going to buy them somewhere they'd do it for me.

He looks confused. "We...can do that here for you."

Now I'm confused. "I was told yesterday you couldn't."

Turns out first dude was just feeling lazy, I guess. The second guy seemed really upset and asked if I remembered his name (I didn't, but showed him my receipt thinking maybe it or an ID # would be on it), apologized all over the place, and had everything changed within minutes. Evidently we'd been on the right track, but the connector things were pretty stuck on both, and since we weren't sure if that was right or not we didn't want to break anything.
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