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haircut tip comment

 I just got my hair cut, and all went well until it came time to pay.  It's a very cheap place, the total for my cut (which was mostly just a simple trim, 20 minutes tops, no drying or styling) was $15. It used to be even cheaper, at $12. I tipped 20% ($3) and went around the corner to grab my coat. I heard my stylist very clearly as she said, "I love my job, but I don't love working for free. She tipped me, like, THREE BUCKS."

I've been going to the same place for a couple of years now, and this particular girl has cut my hair at least twice. She has always seemed pleasant and competent. Before the overheard comment at the end, I was planning on getting her name so that I could make sure to request her next time! Now I feel very embarrassed and awkward and definitely don't want to go back there again. As soon as I got home I Google-fu'd everything I could find on tipping etiquette for hair stylists, and everything I could find suggests 10-20%. A couple of places mentioned a minimum of $5. So MAYBE I should have tossed in a couple of extra bucks? I don't really see how $2 makes the difference between "working for free" and "Thanks for the nice tip!"

I work for tips for a living, so I'm very conscious of tips and percentages and trying to tip people nicely. I honestly thought 20% was me being nice? I could have easily rounded up to $20 total, and probably will in the future just to make SURE I'm being nice (:p)... but I mean, when my haircut used to be $12... should I have been paying $17 then too? It's only $5... but 40% just seems weird to me.

Bad service? Or am I a badly misinformed person?
Tags: baaaaaaad service
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