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The final comments of my very-poor-across-the-board Delta review

The agent to whom I am referring is not the nice lady with whom I spoke on the phone today to rebook me (because the phone lines were down all day yesterday, as well as delta.com), but rather the woman at the airport who was most unhelpful after I waited in a 1.5 hour line.

What I don't understand is why Delta rebooked me on a flight that could have never taken off if the protocol was to have the Logan Airport open at the time of takeoff. Every single weather report was extremely clear that the blizzard would not end until noon EST, and we were scheduled to leave at 11:40 EST. By the time I finished sitting in line to be told that nothing could be done for me, the blizzard was over.

If you had canceled the flight ahead of time (with all of the thousands of others that you canceled), I would not have been rebooked on it and could have made it out on the later flight that evening, which did make it out. Instead, I am stuck here in Utah, unable to get back to my job at a crucial time, and what will turn out to be two weeks away from my poor cats.

I really wish you would have done things differently, even if you had saved me the trip to the airport early in the morning and through security. When I asked a woman at a different kiosk why they waited until the last minute to cancel the flight, she said it was because they had hoped the Logan airport would open before takeoff.

Seriously? In the middle of a blizzard that was forecasted to pass through at noon at the earliest, and three at the latest, you HOPED that the airport would just miraculously open? Next time, please leave illogical leaps of faith out of the business place.

I will not be using Delta again, solely because of this experience. I used to think very highly of the company.
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