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Adobe Digital Editions - You make me so mad!

Not completely bad service, but frustrated none-the-less for lack of actual help.

I got an e-reader for my daughter for Christmas, and it's awesome! We wanted to rent some books from the library and found out we needed to do so by using Adobe Digital Editions. So this is where my headache has come in (this is going on a week long process now, since my daughter got her present early).

I download Adobe Digital Editions from the website, and all seemed to go well. I downloaded it, start to go through the process of installing it, and get this error:

Activate Adobe Digital Editions
Error Activating
E_ADEPT_IO ActivationServiceInfo Error%20#2032

Hmm... a bit odd. I hit "Try Again" to no avail. I try it a few more times, nothing. So I uninstall, try again, see if it was an error somewhere along the way, but nope, same problem. So I do some searching, and find out that Adobe has an online tech support. Great! I talk to one representative that immediately tells me to email support and tell them my problem. What the heck is the use of online tech support if they refer you to email support?

So I ended the convo, had some stuff to do, and tried online tech support again. The representative asked me some dumb questions "Is your internet working?" Um, how can I be on online support with my internet not working? After answering a few questions, she says "It seems you are having a technical error. Please open a web support case by going to" and explains how to open a web support case. Essentially, they weren't going to help at all for their online support.

So I sucked it up, open a web support case, and described in detail what the problem was. They tell me to make sure that my clock was set to the correct time and that my firewall was allowing adobe digital editions to access the computer. My clock is fine, and told them that the firewall was not blocking the program.

I get a response back that I needed to add an exception to my firewall because the program won't work if my firewall is blocking it.

I once again write back, telling them that my firewall is not blocking the program and have checked multiple times to make sure no settings have changed. My firewall isn't blocking anything from Adobe.

They respond back, telling me to uninstall the program, install it again, and make sure it was allowed in the firewall. Now I had already done this, had told them this in the initial email, but for shits and giggles I did it again. Nothing changed.

I then get an email from them giving me a link to download the program. The same exact link I used to download the program, and they told me to once again uninstall and reinstall. I'm getting frustrated at this point because they are just telling me things I've already done (and explained this in detail) and they just repeat it.

I then get an email that says this:
1) Open Adobe Digital Editions.
2) Move your e-books to some different Location.
3) Press the keys Ctrl + Shift + D on your keyboard.
4) Now a Deauthorize screen will come up asking you to deauthorize your Computer.
5) Follow the screen instructions and unauthorize the computer.
3) Uninstall Adobe Digital Editions from your computer.
Click start>>Control Panel>>Program and Features
<(>&<)>nbsp; Select Adobe Digital Editions from the list and Delete.
5) Also delete following files.
Click Start>>Run
Type "regedit" in the box and hit enter.
Locate the following key "HKEY_CURRENT_USER>Software>Adobe>Digital Editions"
delete the full folder (Right click on it and click delete).
Also locate HKEY_CURRENT_USER>Software>Adobe>Adept
Delete the full folder.
6) Now download and install Adobe Digital Editions from the link given below.
7) When asked to authorize computer then please enter same Adobe ID and password which you were using earlier.

For one, ctrl+shift+D does nothing on my computer. I still went in the register and did what they said, but wasn't able to deauthorize the comp as they said. I downloaded again, no change at all!

I then email them back, and tell them that hitting ctrl+shift+d did nothing on my comp, but did the other steps and nothing has been fixed. I have yet to receive a response. They were almost immediate in responding, but it has now been over 24 hours with no response. I don't expect them to be immediate, but today was a business day, and when you go from responding an hour later to a full day of no response makes me a bit iffy.

I talked to some friends that are tech savvy and they dug up some stuff that shows a server error on their part, and said I'm probably getting the run around because it's an error on their part but they don't want to admit it.

So while it isn't the worst service, I hate getting the run around. Especially when I said I did something and they tell me to do it again, as if they didn't even read the damn email. I also don't know what the point of online tech support is if you just tell me to get tech support through emails.

So I'm still waiting for a response, and hope this can be resolved soon. My daughter and I would love to check out some books on here, but there is no way we can do so until this program is fixed.

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