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Must Be Something In The Water

We recently had a leak from our bathroom. Which meant we were dealing with insurance, then had to deal with a plumber to diagnose what was causing the leak.


We knew that:

*It wasn't the toilet
*Only happened when the shower was used
*Didn't happen if only the tub was used

So we were reasonably certain that it was something with the shower, either a pipe, valve, or the tile surround, but we needed to have a plumber in to definitively diagnose the issue for our insurance.

We live in a condo complex so we called our maintainence manager for a rec.  Plumber comes and we tell him what the issue is, and that we think it is coming from the shower.

He turned the shower on, and we hoped that we could recreate the leak.  Since we hadn't used the shower for two days, it was taking its sweet time showing up.  The plumber then:

*Tried to say it was the toilet, to which we told him we didn't think so, because we had used it multiple times and no reoccurence.

*Tried to say it might be the dishwasher in the kitchen, which is next to the bathroom.  To which we told him we didn't think that was it either, because we had run the dishwasher since discovering the leak, no reoccurence.

*My husband had to convince him to cut a hole in the linen closet in the half bath next door to make sure it wasn't the pipe or the shower valve.  The leak still hadn't shown up yet. He was very reluctant to do so and said we should just go about our business and see if it showed up again.  Umm, no, that's why we called you because we need to figure this out and our insurance is not going to pay until we know for certain what caused it. Only did it when my husband pushed him and told him to cut into the drywall for access to make sure it wasn't pipe or valve. We told him would either repair the drywall or just put an access door in (we ended up just covering it with an access panel in case we ever need to get in there in the future - it doesn't show because it is in our linen closet behind the towels). 

*He cuts into the drywall and there is some dampness on the floor, but not coming from the tub spout, pipe or valve.  At this point, because the shower has been on for so long, I notice, it is starting to creep under the tile towards our hallway again (where we first noticed the damage).  At this point, we definitively figure out that it's coming in from the tile surround/grout.  If we hadn't insisted on him cutting into the back wall, we still wouldn't have had a definite answer as to the cause

We ask how much we owe him, write him a check, and tell him we need a receipt for the insurance.  Doesn't have a receipt book on him, which I never heard of for a repair person, but tells us he will e-mail it to us ASAP.  We text him the e-mail info.

Two days go by and no receipt.  My husband calls him and he says, I told you I was going to put in in the mail and I put it in the mail to you today.   Politely, my husband tells him, no, you said you were going to e-mail it, in fact your text reply to me says e-mail. He says he's been having problems with his e-mail. We tell him as long as its been put in the mail, fine.

Next day, mail comes, no receipt.  I leave him a message saying could you please get it to us ASAP because we need it for the insurance claim.  Unbeknownst to me my husband also calls him, and he calls my husband back and says it is in the mail and he doesn't control the mail.  (Mind you because of the holidays, at the most it should take a day to get here.)

Next day, still no receipt, which had supposedly been mailed two days earlier.  Hubby calls him once more and tells him we still  had no receipt and could he please get it to us. Can he possibly e-mail it or fax it to us because the insurance is calling us for it? Calls my husband back, and snarls at him and says, I told you I already mailed it, don't ever f-ing call me again, and hangs up on him.

Now at this point my husband is really pissed.  Business  must be really good if you can talk to customers that way.  However, we had discussed redoing our bathroom and the contractor who is in the lead for getting the job also uses this guy as his plumber.  So my husband called him up, explained the story, and tells him that if we use him as the contractor, we will insist on not  using him as a plumber, and we think that having one of his workers talk to a potential remodeling customer like that reflects poorly on him and is a good way to blow a potentially lucrative remodel.  He says the never had a problem with him, but he will call him and see what he can do for us.

An hour and  a half later, my husband gets a text message from the plumber, telling him that the receipt should be in our e-mail in box--the same e-mail that supposedly wasn't working earlier in the week.  Sure enough, it's there.  We text him a simple, thanks, we got it. (We also left a message for our building manager telling him what had happened with the plumber the building refers to its residents.)

Two days later, the receipt shows up in the mail.  Guess when it was postmarked?  The day after we received the e-mail copy.  Which means he totally lied to us about  when he mailed it to us in the first place.  He only mailed it after he e-mailed it to us.

Maybe we were being a little irritating calling so often about the receipt, we had no choice since our insurance company was on our case about it. If he had had his receipt book on him or in his truck, we wouldn't have had to chase him for it. But if you tell us you mailed it, and we still haven't received it, expect we will call you about it trying to figure out some way to get it as soon as we possibly can.  And then when we find out that you a) lied to us about your e-mail not working and b) lied about when you actually put it in the mail to us, we are going to have serious doubts about your trustworthiness, and will tell people in our building who need a plumber referral about our experience with you.  Needless to say, when the bathroom does get redone, we will be hiring a different plumber to do the plumbing work.


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