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Christmas Eve, I hate you Walmart...

So like many, I had last minute gifts. Unlike most, I woke up at five am *shudder* to get them done before it got crazy. (I was done by Nine, for the win!) Went to Walmart first, because they had a model of digital camera that would work to replace one I had gotten a couple years ago, with a clear waterproof case. No one else in town carried this specific model sadly.

Back in Electronics, the only employee in sight did not speak english well (not the suck) so he called for someone to help me. She said she lacked the key, and would get someone else. Five minutes at this point.

Five minutes later, a guy walks up, and ignores me to help two men who had not been there long waiting.

Five minutesish while he goes over mp3 players with them, and checks them out.

Finally he turns to me. Says he hasn't got the key, first woman had it. She was currently helping another man with a digital camera, and the cashier told me to go wait on her.

I waited several minutes there while she went over in depth the other mans camera choices before turning to me with the customary Can I Help you. I point to my camera, and she unlocks the rack and shoves one at me, saying I would not need to check out in the electronics area. She turns with her customer, and goes to the memory cards on their locked shelf. While she has the slot open I ask for one. Again she guestures fairly rudely to another shelf of cards (Smaller memory, cheaper) and told me to get one off the shelf. My camera can use at least more then 2 gigs... I wanted 4, and they were on the shelf she was accessing for her customer.

I give up, and leave electronics, knowing I could get a memory card at Target (for the win, the clerk there not only got me the card, he walked me through the card choices to get the best one for my camera, not the most expensive. Made a point to let his manager know how terrific he was)

I get to the front, to pay for my stuff, still so mad I decided to do the rest of my shopping elsewhere, and ended up having to wait again... The cashier had to go to electronics to get the key to unlock the security device on the camera.
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