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Do you hear the words coming out of my mouth?!

In my area, there's a diner-style franchise called Steak N Shake, where they serve milkshakes, chilli, and steakburgers. They also serve fries with a liquid cheese sauce, like nacho sauce, only not spicy. All steakburgers also come PLAIN, unless you order a specific burger.

I pull into the drive-thru to get something to eat driving home. My intercom conversation goes like this:


Me: Hi, I'd like the double steakburger with the liquid cheese on it. Like, the cheese you use to put on fries.
C: Steakburger with fries?
Me: No, a double steakburger with cheese. The liquid cheese!
C: A cheddar double steakburger? (Note, this is menu item with a slice of cheddar cheese, tomato, and lettuce)
Me: NO. A double steakburger with LIQUID. CHEESE.
C: Okay whatever that's $4.57.

I know this is the wrong price, so I pull around, and AGAIN confirm I got the liquid cheese put on my sandwich. The kid insists it is, I pay him, he shoves the bag at me and closes the window. I check the bag, and sure enough, it's a cheddarburger with all the veggies on it. I sit at the window for about a minute, but he doesn't come back, so I go inside.

I have the same conversation above with THREE DIFFERENT PEOPLE, including a manager, all of whom seem to have no idea what I'm talking about.

They nod when I explain what kind of cheese I want, they nod when I say I want it on a plain burger, and then when I ask them to make it for me, they get this confused look and say, "So...you want a cheddarburger?"

They insist that they didn't overcharge me (they did, cheddarburgers are more expensive than a plain burger add cheese), refuse to give me a refund, and finally shove a new sandwich at me. It's my old sandwich with liquid cheese slapped on it, and it's fallen apart and there's cheese everywhere. I, once again, explain I wanted a PLAIN steakburger with the LIQUID CHEESE added to it, and the three people confer, and then offer to take off the lettuce and tomato and throw it away for me.

I finally gave up and left.

The thing is: I've ordered this sandwich at no less than four other steaknshakes and NEVER had a problem with people understanding the concept before. Just... wtf?
Tags: *fast food, maybe they were zombies
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