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Suckage from earlier tonight... I went and did some last minute shopping with my mother at the mall, mostly at New York and Company. Now, we've been going to this particular store for YEARS, she has credit with them, etc etc. Never had a single issue until tonight. We're browsing around their clearance items (which was somewhere around 7~8 long racks of clothes on the floor and roughly 1/6 of the store's wallspace. As in, LOTS OF STUFF.) There was a mish-mash of things in a few spots but generally, it was organized - pants all on the same racks, same style of shirts together, etc. My mother, who has a hard time finding pants she likes (she's pretty tall) finds a group of pants that she LOVES and they have her size! Yay! She gathers up her things and goes to check out, with me standing behind her holding my own things.

Cashier, we'll call her, numero uno is sweet and polite, ringing my mother's things up quickly, until my mom stops her. Apparently the pants rang up at 50% off instead of 70% off of clearance price, a difference of $10~$20. Confused, my mother asks her if that was correct. Before Uno can answer, Friggin Rude Lady steps up and takes over from behind the counter. FRL wasn't too nice to me earlier, you see - she hovered over me and made me count out six items at a time in the fitting room and kept an eye on me (never heard of this rule in there before, she's the first person to make me leave things outside of the fitting room and only have six in at a time. Noted for next time though! And no, there wasn't any wait for the fitting rooms or anything, so I don't think it was a matter of keeping it open for others.) Her tone was very condescending and she was very cold when she dealt with me before but I brushed it off as her being busy or something. The holidays can be stressful, so I did my best to be polite and thanked her with a big smile, which she kind of ignored and walked away. Anyway. She steps up and pulls the pants away from Uno and my mother. She scrutinizes the tag, and loudly explains to my mom, like she's a two year old, that the tag does not have a red mark on it, and therefor, it does not qualify for the additional % off. Mom is a little confused at this point, and points out that all of their pants like this are in the 70% off clearance section. FRL raises her voice - and, with an attitude, proclaims something along the lines of "well some customers don't put things back where they belong, so they must have gotten moved. You need to look, for, the, red, mark on the tag next time." She explains it at least twice to her like this - like my mother is a child. Hnng.

Well, mom doesn't want someone else to have the same issue (because, how disappointing right?), she says, "No, *all* of your pants like this are on that rack, so maybe someone forgot to mark them? You might want to move them because there are a bunch over there." and FRL is more focused on arguing with her/putting her down than solving the problem (hows about "sorry about that ma'am?" that's all it would have taken.) It's important to note that my mother, who also deals with sucky customers on a daily basis, was very polite this entire time despite being upset over having to put back her pants. So FRL cuts my mom off mid-sentence and walks her over to the rack, determined to prove my mother wrong and probably demean her some more. Lo and freaking behold, there are what looks to be at least half a dozen of these pants on the clearance rack, right under the "70% off!" sign, and they aren't to be found anywhere else. Note, that while all of this is going on and FRL is insisting on proving my mother wrong, a line is building up. I'm standing in said line thinking, "Lady, just apologize and take them off the purchase." She begrudgingly goes back behind the counter and says something to our original cashier, who looks pretty embarrassed and is apologetic. She says, "Sorry for the confusion. We'll make sure those get in the right place." And takes it off of her bill and sets the pants aside to be put back. That's all that needed to be done in the first place, dammit!

FRL disappeared while my mother was being rung up, and I put my purchase back because of her behavior. While we were leaving the store, we saw her removing the pants from the clearance rack with a very angry face on. Yeah, the holidays are crazy, but put your stuff in the right place - and if you mess up, don't argue with your customers over it, just swallow your pride, apologize, and get it over with! Oiy.

Second b_s of the night happened at a local burrito place. We both wanted drinks, so I pulled into the drive-thru since we'd never been there before and wanted to glance over the menu to maybe keep the place in mind next time we're out and want food. First red flag goes up when the guy at the speaker took forever to get to us, and didn't seem so... coherent. Still, I order our drinks and pull up. The total was $1.60something, so I handed over two dollar bills. He brings back out drinks, and straws, then closes the window. And walks away. I sit there for four, five minutes waiting for my change and a receipt. It never comes. He comes back to the window and I try to get his attention (I did everything short of tossing something at him :P) but he just, doesn't seem to hear us/ignores us/is totally spaced out. I sat there and tried until a car pulled up behind us and had sat for a while, at least, another two or three minutes - which I thought it was weird that he didn't bring food to the window or anything. Didn't even look at it. Wtf. I didn't want to hold the people behind us up over 40some cents and a piece of paper so we left. We were both pretty exhausted so I just left. If the couple of dimes were worth it, I'm sure I could have gone inside. It's just 40 cents but still, wtf.

Sigh. The holidays do weird things to people, I guess. :P Here's to hoping for a b_s free holiday weekend! Hope you all have a good one.
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