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two in 1

These aren't the most horrible service stories, but they are bad_service.

1) We decided to go to the mall on the other side of town. We browsed in JC Penny,I saw a sweater and a shirt on the 80% off rack that I really wanted. The sweater had no tag, and there was another one there of a different size that didn't have a tag either, but I figure 80% can't cost too much. The shirt had a green sticker with the mark down price of $11.99. I go to pay for those along with other items I wanted to get. The girl had to go and do a price check for the sweater. She typed in the SKU multiple times until she got it right, I look at the credit card machine to see that it came up $21.99 (this means the sweater had to have been originally priced over $100).

I ask "$21.99? Did it actually come up as being 80% off?" (since I know customers tend to mix up the clearance racks), she looked at the screen, then with a look of guilt said "yeah". A few hours later I get home and look at all the receipts from the day. The JC Penny receipt shows you how much an item originally is, and then the sale price. The original price? $44. That's only 50% off. If this was the only issue, I would have shrugged it off as her not being able to do simple math. But I look and see I was charged $21.99 for the shirt too!

The next day I grabbed the shirt from the bag and notice the $11.99 sticker is not on the tag anymore. I'm certain now she took the sticker off when she noticed the price difference. I do remember she fiddled with the shirt for a bit but thought nothing of it. The sticker was on the tag perfect, there were no signs of someone peeling it off and sticking it on there and it wasn't loosely on there. Because I worked in retail for so long, I know a lot of tricks customers have used and I always make sure that stickers on tags show no signs of switching. I head to the JC Penny close to my house to return it. I explained to the woman what happened, she asked me if I'd keep the shirt if she gave it to me for $11.99. Of course!

So a slight happy ending on that. I contacted corporate and let them know the store,register, and cashier ID number about lying to me about what discount I got, and for peeling the sticker off & not telling me the difference in price. I also want to add that I did check the bag and other items to see if the sticker fell off, and I know it was on when I was at the register. (The discount racks were right near to the registers, the shirt was the last thing I grabbed... so maybe 30 seconds between the rack, my hand, and the register)

2) Desperately needing to get a hair cut and my eyebrows waxed, I head to the Paul Mitchell Salon. I've been there once before and the woman did an amazing job. I'm supposed to have an A-line bob cut stacked & layered with swoop bangs, but I have what looks like a Johnny Depp cut from Charlie & the Chocolate Factory . I had to remind her over and over what to do. After about 5 times of her not getting it, I just gave up. I figure I'll just wait til after christmas to have someone who knows what they're doing do it. I've had this cut for many years (minus swoop bangs) and lots of stylists have got it right with no problems.

My eyebrows are whats worse. She hacked off a lot of my left eyebrow length-wise. They're supposed to start above where your eye begins, but it now starts around where my cornea starts. I freak out internally but am nice to her when I tell her she really screwed up. Instead of saying sorry, she got defensive,making me feel like it was my fault, & told me it wasn't her fault because to her "it looked like where it was supposed to be". So to "even" it out a little so I don't look too goofy, she hacks off a little of my right eyebrow. So now between my eyes, there is over 2 inches of waxed space. We get to the check out and my jaw drops when I see she really charged me full price for the eyebrows, but took $1 off for the hair cut. No manager was there. I still gave her a $5 tip on the $40 bill because it's the Christmas season (and the maybe 4th time in a year I was able go out alone without my toddler in tow), otherwise I would just not give her a tip.
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