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"We Love Logistics", you say? Prove it.

Despite having our house number on EACH side of our driveway and up on the house, the UPS driver left the notice with my neighbor - who granted, hosts our mailbox on his property since we have post boxes on only one side of our street. This is fairly standard here on the Island.

Because my neighbor didn't get home until later, I didn't get that notice until late this evening. Not having that notice, I had called this afternoon and re-routed the packages to work (where I'll be when they attempt a re-deliver). Then UPS called at 9:30pm this evening to ask if I could pick it up tonight - in Burlington! That's 2 hours each way. No. So now we're trying desperately to get first thing delivery tomorrow morning before I go to work. They refuse to deliver to the bookstore where I work and receive UPS packages all day, anyway.

Meanwhile, the damn tracking number status states that I requested and agreed to pick the package up in Burlington. Which I never did. So I ask, where did that information come from? Oh, from the driver. THE ONE I NEVER SAW.

This beggers all logic. If I had seen him, I would have gotten my packages. Capische? But I never did, thus no packages. Therefore, no request and no agreement to pick them up tonight at the regional facility TWO HOURS AWAY! So not only is he incompetent, he's a liar. Which is pretty much our every experience with UPS.

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