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Geico Suck

I got a shiny new Honda CR-V on 11/11. I was excited because it's brand new and I did it without one of my parents having to co-sign on the loan. It has all of the features I wanted and it's the exact color I was wanting.

On my way home from work on 12/1, I got rear-ended. I know now that I made a mistake in not insisting on a police report, so no lectures please. I did get the insurance and contact information of the guy that hit me, though. So as soon as I got home, I contacted my insurance company (Progressive) to get the claim process started. I got a call from Progressive the next morning so that they could get the last of the info that was needed to file a claim with Geico, which is the insurance for the guy who hit me.

Things were delayed a day because Geico had to contact their insured. This was my fault, since there was no police report, so I don't consider this to be bad service. They did eventually take responsibility for the damages. And here begins the bad service...

1) The claim rep LIED to be about available appts for having my estimate done. I could have gotten a much later appt that would not have caused me to miss an entire day of work. I ended up with an appt for mid-day on 12/7

2) The estimator was condescending, lied on the paperwork, and refused to give me a corrected copy, despite printing one for his records. He listed that I had turned down a rental vehicle and that I requested the check for repairs to be sent to me for me to pay the shop. Both untrue.

3) Despite the fact that I was told my rental would be set up by the time I got to my preferred shop to get the work done, I had to set my own rental up with another claim rep while I was filling out paperwork for my shop.

4) On 12/10 I get a call from my shop that there was some work needing to be done that wasn't on the original estimate, and geico took two days to sign off on it, so it would be at least Monday (but more likely Tuesday) before my car would be ready.

5) About 10am on 12/13 I get a call from the car rental company. Geico called them and said that my car was ready and they weren't covering another day, so I needed to have the car back by 6pm. I called the shop and was told that my car was NOT ready, but that it SHOULD be ready by 4. In the end, I was able to pick up my car, but I had to leave work 2 hours early, which brought my lost work total to 10 hours.

6) Since my car was supposed to be ready that day, I went ahead and called Geico to ask about the diminished value compensation for my claim. The adjuster said that he did not have a total yet, but that he would call me back with that information by the end of the day on 12/13. Did not hear back from him at all. Left two voicemails during the week, but he did not return my messages.

7) Yesterday, 12/20, I called my adjuster AGAIN. At least he actually picked up the phone this time! He gave me a sob story about the weather here in Atlanta and having to have surgery at the end of last week. He could not explain to me how any of those kept him from calling me back on 12/13. Again, he told me he didn't have a total from me, but that he would "absolutely" call me back by the end of the business day yesterday. No call. I even gave him until my lunch break today before I called and got his supervisor's contact number.

So, I've called and left a voicemail for the supervisor to call me back. Let's see if HE calls me back like his voicemail message promises...I lost 10 hours of work because of all of this. Geico has already told me that they do not cover lost wages unless it's for medical appointments, so I'm counting on the diminished value compensation to make sure I can pay all of my bills.

I just want all of this done so I can put it behind me.
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