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Hi! New here, and I just had a horrible experience with a vet clinic. I've read here about people giving their stories about doctors and such, so I assumed this would be acceptable to post about! If not, just let me know and get it taken right down.

UTC due to the talk of death of a pet, and some information about her visit that might squick people out (needles, bodily functions) - also must note that the situation was somewhat resolved in the end but I'm still. Not. Happy.

Second cut has under it a nice little story of a worker at a local store calling an elderly woman stupid, while I was in hearing range. Not amused. Same worker later on refused to help my gramma and I find a DVD we were looking for.

*EDIT: for my horrible spelling and random words popping into my typing.

I had a hedgehog, who was around three years and four months. I was originally told that the life expectancy was 3 - 5 years. I got a phone call from a family member - I was away for a few days - with her freaking out about how my hedgehog isn't breathing. I rushed home of course, and after examing my critter, I realized that it was time. She had gotten sick out of no where it appeared, and I didn't want her to be in pain. I calle the vet clinic and made an appointment to have her euthanized, because she was having such a hard time breathing, I didn't think they could do anything for her.

The vet proceeded to do an eighty dollar exam, that I was perfectly fine paying with. However, she then told me that "I cannot euthanize this animal, there is nothing wrong with her. She is a perfectly healthy middle aged hedgehog, who could easily get another four years out of her life." She didn't tell me much, but she gave my hedgehog six needles and two oral medications, which seemed excessive for such a small animal.

While in the waiting room of the vets office, my Bella vomited and also pooped blood. The technician said it was fine, and that it was probably the medicine making her sick, and the thermometre prodding that made her poop like that. Fine. I took her home and put her in her bed, and ten minutes later when I went to check on her, she had passed away.

I had to wait until monday to go back to the vet clinic, and the lady told me "I didn't see anything wrong with her, I guess it was a heart problem. Unfortunately, I think it was the examination that killed her. I should have euthanized her to begin with. I can refund you fourty dollars." Um. Wut? You said there was nothing wrong, but now you're saying you should have just done what I asked? WTF is going on? Unfortunately, I was there with my dad and he didn't want to stay and argue because he thought the woman was being genergous. At first, I did too...but thinking back on it...like...what?

Gramma and I were out returning a DVD I had recieved as a gift, because it was Blu Ray and I don't have the player for it. We were going to get it exchanged, if they had the DVD in stock. While waiting for a worker to finish dealing with another customer, we overheard him call her stupid.

Because she asked him if the toy she was buying would fit in the big bag, or if she should go and get a huge gift bag instead. His words were, "What? Are you stupid? It's obviously not going to fit, Christ."

The lady was in a walker, and her husband beside her was on an oxygen mask, and in an electronic wheel chair. I felt absolutely horrible for them.

I actually had a manager called, and we explained what happened to her, but she said "I didn't over hear it, I don't know if it's true." And walked away with the young workerd who had been rude. The elderly lady thanked me for my time, and her and her husband cashed out.

A little while later, we ended up running into the same worker near the electronics section. Gramma stopped to ask him if he knew whether or not the DVD was in stock, and where exactly we had to have it exchanged.

"Do I LOOK like I work in electronics? Like, really? Do you not know how this store works? Go ask someone from that department."

Gramma replied with, "Are you fucking stupid? You're leaning on the cash at the electronic section and you're the only one here wearing a uniform." Aaand then she walked off. Generally not one to support yelling at workers, but I was ready to snap at him too at that point.

I know some people have bad days, but seriously, stop picking on the elderly man! (we did end up exchanging the DVD, and with the help of a very lady)
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