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Pet Store Bad Service

Merry Christmas! Here's some adorable bunny photos and some Bad_Service!

I received a new rabbit for Christmas....

We currently own an angora male named Zeus (purchased at an awesome store)


After having him neutered last month, I thought it'd be nice for him to have a friend, as rabbits are social and he seems to have lost interest in my boyfriend's feet since having his balls removed.

My boyfriend opted to get me another rabbit (baby Lionhead/Angora mix) as a surprise, but another couple wanted him, so we had to pick him up today.

Sable Ares(properly sexed rabbit today, she is really a he) is about the size of a fluffy, scientific calculator.

He's awesome, cuddly and playful.
However, I'm pretty uneasy about the way we received him.
The cage, where his brothers and sisters were kept seemed over-crowded, and there was clearly not enough food for everyone.
I chose little "Sable" Ares because he had a gentle demeanor and seemed to like being handled.

When we were ready to leave with him, we grabbed some shavings....Then....
looked behind us to see the cashier furiously stabbing holes in the box the rabbit was inside with a pair of scissors (similar to "Psycho").

This was terrifying. I asked for a manager and apparently it was Norman Bates, the stabby cashier. After checking that my rabbit wasn't bleeding, I opted to pay and contact someone later.
Only problem is, no one answers when I phone. I even *67'd. As it's locally owned, I'm not sure where to go from here, but I'd like to stop this woman from terrorizing rabbits in the future.

After all was said and done, he seemed a little traumatized when we got him home....Luckily, hours later, he's exploring and is very fond of Triscuits and balloons.

(in case of the "you gotta speak up" tag, I did speak up, and asked for a manager, she claimed to be that person, so I'm going to e-mail corporate).

*Update: Contacted corporate. The manager is going to be reprimanded, and they offered me store credit which I declined. The fact that they endanger and can't determine the sex of their animals put the store on my boycott list. Pretty content with PJ's as I've always been impressed with the care and professionalism they've demonstrated with their animals.
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