Total fuckup with great taste in music (arabwel) wrote in bad_service,
Total fuckup with great taste in music


So, I got this shiny voucher for renewing my insurance (omg i feel soo grownup...) and to redeem it, i had to log on to a site. So, I tried. got error messages. rang their helpli8ne.

They took my details, and so on, normal call right - until I tellt hem what my problem is.
First I get talked down like a 2 year old about how I am supposed to do it, and then when I say that is already what I have done?

"Well you're obviously doing something wrong then" in the most conddescending, snotty tone imaginable.

I was pretty damn stunned at taht point - because, ffs, I work in a call center for a living. You do nto take that sort of a tone with a customer, and you do not mock them to their face. Because that shit just gets you an irate customer who will find a complaints number and do their best to get someone to hand your arse to you.

tl, dr: Telling a cusotmer they are "obviously doing something wrong" is not good call centre service.

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