Hopelessly Twisted (youeatchildren) wrote in bad_service,
Hopelessly Twisted

..mmm steak.

We went to a local steakhouse (LoneStar), and we got poor service (it wasnt as bad as my father made it seem though). According to my father, the ribs he ordered were horrible, they tasted like copper. And we noticed our waitress went missing from our table for maybe 25 minutes and she failed to check on us. (and no the resteraunt was not crowded at all.. barely anyone was there.

And to make matters worse, the waitress insulted me. (I have Asperger's Syndrome (a form of autism), and even though it isnt very obvious, i sometimes have problems in social situations.)

Waitress: *wanders to our table* and what would u like today?
Me: *stutters, doesnt make eye-contact, and says my order*
Waitress: ^______^ *big grin* I should have asked her an easier question.
Me: *depressed*

Later on, i ended up feeling sorry for her, because she did a poor job, rarely checked on us, and had to deal with my Dad literally yelling at her because his ribs tasted horrible, the service was bad, she was lazy...etc. My dad tends to go a little overboard when it comes to his food.
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