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The cafeterias/eateries at my university seem to be staffed by people who hate their customers.

First of all, none of the people working the registers speak to you if they don't have to. At two of the places, you get food, then pay for it as you leave; they just have to look at your tray. At one of the places it's an all-you-can-eat where you pay as you go in. At both of these places, it's rare for the person at the cash register to EVEN LOOK AT YOU, let alone speak to you; generally they just stare at the register screen and hold out their hand for your card/money. Often they will be looking at another employee they're holding a conversation with. I always say 'thank you' at the very least, but that only gets any sort of response maybe 25% of the time.

Also, at the all-you-can-eat place, the person manning the cash register is...well...often not there. Frequently there will be a growing line of people waiting to pay to be let in, while the person who's supposed to be at the cash register will be sitting inside the dining hall, at a table, chatting with friends who're eating. If you try to step inside and get their attention, one of the servers will scold you and tell you to go wait.

The servers are also generally pretty rude. At the fourth place, you order, pay, then go sit down as they make the food; they call your number when it's ready. Or at least, they're supposed to. Half of the time, they don't, or they just sort of say it to themselves instead of calling it out loud enough to be heard. I once saw a girl be scolded by one of the servers for not coming up fast enough to pick up her food - when the server hadn't called her number when it came up, just let it sit there, and the girl had come up to get it as soon as her number was called.

There was also another incident I had with one of the servers at another dining hall. Script format:

Me: ~~
S: Server
G: guy in line behind me

For quick background - this particular spot was set up sort of 'school cafeteria' style, there was a selection of food, you had a tray, told the server what you wanted out of the selection and they ladled it out for you. There was a small paper menu, as per usual, next to the station describing what exactly the food was, with ingredients etc. It said that the meat there was supposed to be pork, but it looked grey and, well, not like pork, so I wasn't sure.

Me: Excuse me, is that pork?
S: (sarcastically, like I'm stupid for asking) What's the menu say? *points to menu*
Me: ...It says pork.
S: *sigh* Well it's lamb.
Me: :) okay, but just so you know, the menu says pork.
S: *sigh again* I'll go check. *walks away*
Me+G: ....???
S: *returns* It's lamb.
G: Then you might want to change the menu...?

On their own most of this would just be a mild annoyance, but the fact that it's the treatment I get at every single one of the four places to eat on campus, from almost everybody who works there, to the point where it's notable that they hired a new cashier at one of the places who actually smiles and says 'hello' to people - ugh.

Oh, and a last bit of more wtf_service:

I frequently get a grilled chicken sandwich at one place. I usually ask for it 'with nothing on it' because...I want no condiments etc., just chicken and bun. My exact wording is 'grilled chicken sandwich, nothing on it'. Most of the time this gets the message across, but sometimes I either get a confused look and 'no bun?' in response, or they don't say anything to me but try to give me just a chicken patty without the bun. What most confuses me about this is that it's the SAME PEOPLE who usually get my order with no problem; there's only two different teams of workers I ever see there.

I've also tried 'no veggies or condiments' but that just gets me confused looks 100% of the time.

I understand maybe if I said 'grilled chicken, nothing on it' that would be confusing, but wouldn't 'sandwich' imply that I'd like the bread...?

ETA: I did not add any tags D: IDK WHAT HAPPENED LOL okay that's better.
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