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Hopefully this is the end of the whole mess.

So in my last post I mentioned the EXTREME pain I was in after the surgery, right? Well I wake up Friday, surgery was Wednesday, and anytime I try to pee I start puking and CANNOT pee, like physically, it was horrible. Not good. So my MiL drives me to the hospital. The get me in quickly, and call my urologist. She shows up. Apparently I was having a reaction to the antibiotics, and they were shutting down my kidneys. So I stay in the hospital a few days.

Go to the urologist on Tuesday. She pulls out the stint (Holy God it was so long!) and says I may hurt a bit the next few days as everything goes back into place.

Hurting like a kidney stone for two days is not fun, when you don't HAVE a kidney stone. Or so they said...

So stint is removed Tuesday. Saturday night around 11PM I start hurting. Again. The kidney stone pain and pressure. I'd been basically pain free since Thursday afternoon so I get all :( and am not happy. Try to ignore it because I called them Wednesday and was basically told to suck it up and stop being a baby.

The good? news about the pain is it stops. But it lasts about 10-15 minutes, and happens once to twice an hour until Monday night. Guess what happened Monday night? Just guess!

I passed a (insert some not nice curse words) kidney stone! AFTER they said they'd removed them all, and blasted the other ones. So I go to the urologist the next day, because I totally called her at midnight, well the emergency line. She says "Oh. Well this explains the extremely high amount of blood that was in your urine at the hospital and your pain after the procedure. I guess I dragged the stone out. Lolz. :D" And the stone's size? 7mm. The doctor was surprised I even passed it. But then I guess I didn't pass it, she dragged it out.

Basically, when they do the camera and everything, they push a tube inside the ureter, then slide a camera up, then do the pictures, and then pull the camera to the edge of the tube, and pull everything out. She thinks the stone got stuck under the tube, and then was DRAGGED out into my bladder. Which explained why I was in so much pain. I sent off the urine analysis today, and have been mostly pain free for two weeks now. Here's hoping.

tl:dr - extreme pain after a procedure is normal and people should suck it up, as told by the doctor's office. and oh btw? that pain was because WE DRAGGED A 7MM KIDNEY STONE OUT!! lulz.
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