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First post - confused cashier

I am so bloody confused by the following exchange, which I had with a cashier on Saturday morning. Hope you guys can offer some insight.

me: I'll have a hot chocolate, please.
cashier: That'll be 2.25.
me (handing her a $20 bill): I probably have the 25 cents.
me (placing 25 cents on the counter)
cashier (stares at coins with disdain): Well, actually, it was TWENTY-FIVE cents? So that won't work.
me: um .... yup. (Double checking to see what I put down: two dimes and a nickel.)
cashier (stares blankly at the money in her hand, the money on the counter, and back again).
cashier: (Long pause) ...OH. I guess that'll work.
me (we're standing in a coffee shop, surrounded by all varieties of coffee, and I decide to make a joke to lighten the situation. With a big smile, I say...) I guess you need to drink more coffee!
cashier (snottiest tone evar): Um, NO. What actually happened was that I made a MISTAKE.

Well. Guess that clears that up then.

Seriously, what the fuck? I know (from my past experience as a cashier) that it can be really annoying for the customer to give you extra change when you have already rung in the cash. But 25 cents? On a purchase of $2.25? Her till screen was saying she owed me $17.75, how hard is it to perform the necessary mathematical equations to add 25 cents to that and come up with $18? And even if you *are* too stupid to do so, no need to be fucking rude about it. I wasn't being rude to you, so you'd best keep your service face on. Bitch.
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