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The DirecTV/Time Warner Cable Saga

My family moved on December 1st to a new apartment. Our landlord owns several properties in our city and we moved to another property they owned. We've had DirecTV for the past three years. We had an appointment for installation on December 1st between 12 and 4pm.

Unfortunately due to year-end coming up at my job, I was unable to take time off to assist my husband and my father with the move. So there were lots of phone calls between us during the day. Around 3:30, my husband calls me. The installation contractor had gone to our landlord's office to talk to them and came back and told my husband that we didn't have permission for the dish and we would have to cancel. I did some reasearch and found that Time Warner Cable was the only other service in our area. I didn't want it because I think they're too expensive, but I really had no other choice. So I went ahead and set it up under my husband's name. Time Warner Cable requires you to prepay for installation, so I gave them my debit card information. I did have the money in my account to cover it.

The next day, I thought it was weird that we could have a dish at our old property and not our new one. So I called the landlord and was told that they told the contractor that we did have permission, but he was restricted as to how he could mount the dish. So we had a lazy contractor. I called DirecTV and explained the situation. They set up another installation appointment for December 3rd between 12 and 4pm. I even went to the landlord's office myself and got the specifications of where they could mount the dish.

Then I call Time Warner cable to cancel my installation. They tell me that it's not in their system yet but I can cancel online. I go to the website and can't figure out where to go to cancel. I even try the search on the site and get nowhere. I still have the money in my account, so I figure if I take that money out, they can't charge my card. Yep, I soon get an e-mail saying that there's a problem with my card and I need to call their number. Before I have a chance to call, they call me. I tell them I want to cancel the installation and the guy I spoke to said it would be taken care of. Yay! (so I thought, but I'll get back to that later)

December 3rd, I get another call from my husband at work. The new contractor is saying the same thing that the other one was. I was PISSED because I KNEW I had landlord permission. When I went to the office to get the permission, I told them specifically what property I lived and and they said it would be no problem. So I tell my husband to grab the guy before he leaves and call our landlord and talk to them while he's still there. He does so and the contractor says he can install, but we would need to pay $65.00 for a special mount. I have no problem with this because I know his choices are limited with how he can set it up. The thing that pissed me off was that at first, both of the contractors were refusing to install the dish AT ALL! The first guy didn't even want to look into the options. So DirecTV is taken care of and I have no more problems.

This past Friday, my bank balance in the morning was around $83. The $65 check still hadn't cleared, so that left me with $18. I stopped by CVS to buy some things that totaled around $10. My card was declined. After calling my bank, I find that I only have a balance of $8 and there's a charge from Time Warner Cable for $74.95!! WHAT?!? I get home to check my e-mail and see a message from them confirming my installation for this Sunday! I have my husband call them since it's under his name. He told them that we cancelled this days ago and they shouldn't have charged the account. He's on the phone for about half an hour and then gets word that the CSR sent an e-mail to their accounting department and we should hear about getting a refund by Monday. We're pissed because we're worried about the check to DirecTV bouncing and also because we need to buy some things like milk for the kids, but we think everything's taken care of. No...

Two hours later, Time Warner Cable calls to confirm our appointment for this Sunday! My husband tells the person that we just cancelled the installation and we don't need the appointment. We think it's taken care of.

They showed up an hour ago to install our cable...

TL;DR--DirecTV is lazy and Time Warner Cable doesn't communicate between departments
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