Being the ramblings of D. (gmdreia) wrote in bad_service,
Being the ramblings of D.

I can complain about public service here, right?

DMV suck:

Really, DMV.

I knew this was bad when I heard two people yelling at the workers. Yelling.

I just ignored it, played on my smartphone, and waited my turn almost all freaking day long.

The computer breaks just as I'm at the front of the line, after many of us have been waiting four hours...

This is right before closing... THEN YOU HAVE THE BLOODY WORKER WALK AWAY FOR HALF AN HOUR and while I make it right to the front of the line just in the nick of time, you tell everyone else to come back tomorrow so that they can wait *another four hours*.


I have plenty more, I just don't know that bureaucratic suck belongs here. You have no idea how much worse it seems to be all the time. I'm sure there's a community just for bureaucratic suck?

Ah, I just love California.
Tags: government agency, no service

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