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WTF Service at BJ's

So last night, I took one of my closest friends, frokaryote, out along with another close friend, N, for a birthday dinner at BJ's. And while I would not classify this as bad service, it was definitely a WTF moment that left us literally confused and wondering what had happened.

So we both love this place for not being horribly overpriced, and more importantly we love their Pizookies, and so I had brought some candles with me with the intention of ordering a Pizookie and adding the candles on for her birthday. While we were eating our food (which was all delicious and delivered to us promptly, so no complaints there), the birthday girl mentioned that she'd heard you get a free, smaller-size Pizookie if you tell them that it's your birthday. I had never heard about it, and while it's nice to get free things, I had planned on getting the bigger (normal) size Pizookie anyway for us three to share, so our friend N decided to go ahead and tell our waiter that we wanted to order it to celebrate.

So our waiter comes over, and asks us how everything's going, and if there's anything else he can do for us. N says: "Yeah, actually, it's our friend's birthday, and-" In the middle of this sentence, the waiter says "Okay." and quickly walks away... while she was still speaking. We were like.... bwuh? I wondered if he had maybe heard her incorrectly, and somehow thought she had said we were good and didn't need anything, but honestly she was speaking in a pretty loud/clear voice, and he was standing right next to her, so that was doubtful. But if he HAD heard her, why would he just walk away right in the middle of when she was speaking?

So some time passes, maybe 10 minutes, when he comes out with what is clearly one of these smaller size Birthday pizookies as it has a candle stuck in the middle of the scoop of ice cream. He serves it at the table next to us, and then walks by our table, rolls his eyes slightly, and says: "Don't worry, yours is coming out soon too."

So... apparently, he had heard my friend, and instead of waiting to hear what she was going to say (which was to just order a normal Pizookie, if he'd let her finish her sentence), decided we probably just wanted this free small Pizookie for her? Even then, I honestly don't know why he decided to assume that and then just walk away in the middle of my friend trying to talk to him. And then the small (and frankly snide) comment that came later on was just weird and uncalled for. I don't know what was going through his mind at the time but it was definitely a WTF moment for us.
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