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My Cataclysm related suck, let me tell you it!

So we pre-ordered Cataclysm Collector's Edition from Amazon on Sep 18th. No option was given for same day shipping when we pre-ordered. We took the free shipping, which was our mistake. The game was slated to arrive on December 26th, when Amazon finally had the release info.

I found out that you could submit a help request to have to shipping changed to 1-day, and pay an extra $10. I should note here that, for this specific item, there was an error page when anyone tried to change the shipping through their account. You -had- to request help to have the shipping changed.

I submit this request. My husband submits the exact same request,word for word. I was e-mailed back within 30 minutes, letting me know they had changed my shipping method. Three hours later he gets an e-mail from a different rep saying his order had been CANCELED. They further noted they were out of the game and to try one of their independent retailers (the cheapest of which is currently listing the game at double its price, $180)

Nowhere in the support request did we ask for a cancellation. Nothing even remotely implied that cancellation was an option that we would consider. It simply said, "I would prefer to upgrade my shipping to one day for this item. I am unable to do this through the web interface, so any assistance in this matter would be great. Thank you."

He called customer service and was variously dismissed through several levels of it. Yes, it was their fault, but as soon as his order was canceled someone who was waiting got his copy. No, nothing could be done about it. He spent about an hour on the phone getting escalated through customer service reps who had no idea why anyone would care about a video game that isn't out yet, or what the difference between a normal or CE version might be.

Eventually he got someone pretty high up on the phone, had to wait a day, was called back and told to buy the game from one of the 3rd party sellers on Amazon. Amazon has promised to reimburse the price difference.

My copy came in today. We're still waiting to hear from the 3rd party seller on his part. I'm just glad we're casual players... Guess I'll let you all know if we really get reimbursed or have to play phone tag again.
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