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so i reckon he was actually shagging the dog.


So I went to the post office, to ship a package to my manfriend in London, from Missouri.

I had called up the post office and asked if I could bring up a box, see if the box is okay for shipping, etc. The guy said that was fine and cool. I brought up my box and he took one look at it and said, alright, for anyone shipping to UK you need to have a plain brown box. It was right next to the grocery store so he suggested I run over and get a brown paper bag, so we could improvise.

At this point he was being incredibly helpful, cheerful, etc.

I came back with my brown bags and asked for some scissors so I could wrap up the box real quick. He took the box from me, started cutting up the bag, and began to wrap it up himself, shaking his head. "This is really not our job, we're not a packaging company. You need to know what you're getting into." Well I had just made it clear that I was planning on wrapping it up myself.

At this point somebody else came in and he moved my package to the side and spent a few minutes getting their stuff taken care of.

He went back to my package and you could tell that he was disgruntled, it was just a wholly different attitude then the first time I'd come in. He hands me my labels, reiterating that I really need to get all of this done before I even come to the post office. I dunno if you're supposed to get your labels at a different place, but I felt that was really uncalled for. So as I'm quickly filling this out somebody else comes in.

He looked up from my package and clearly knew this woman. I live in a small town so it's a very talk-y kind of place. She'd brought him some Christmas food and they started talking. I had just finished out my labels and was waiting on them to finish chatting so we could get this sent. She mentioned that I was ready to go and he says, "Oh that will take ages, it's an out of country package and if I mess up the information I have to start all over, so you can go ahead." At this point I was just waiting on him.

They talked for six minutes while he assisted her. The actual dealing with mail portion only took about two minutes. By this point I just wanted to get out of there so I let them get on and stepped up again once she'd gone. It only took a max of three minutes to get my stuff taken care of. Three other people had come in behind me and he's talking to all of them, saying stuff about how, "Terrible my day is, but it'll get better very soon," relating to my package and mentioning an irate customer he had earlier.

The only thing he said to me after that was to ask me to swipe my card and then give me my receipt. It was all just very condescending and he ended up taking two customers before me. The first guy I was more or less fine with because I was still finishing stuff up, etc., but the second person he blatantly let in front of me so they could talk, which I'm not so sure I appreciate.
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