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Verizon Wireless

A few months ago my brother and I upgraded to Motorola Droids with Verizon wireless. My phone has worked great, but he has had problems with videos. YouTube videos and other various videos will never play correctly. They either force close or buffer so much the video never plays all the way.

My brother contacted Verizon. They sent him another Motorola Droid. That one didn't work with videos either.

I took that phone, number 2, to a Verizon store where they did a hard reset and various trouble shooting crap and it still didn't work.

We contacted them again and the tech over the phone made us try all those same things and even switch our numbers with our phones to see if his number on my phone and vice versa had the same problem.

It didn't work yet again so they sent him another phone. This is phone number 3. My brother wants to cancel but since there's 4 of us on a shared plan I don't want to him to cancel so the rest of us have to pay more.

Phone number 3 is having the same issues. We call up tech support on Thanksgiving and the guy. Hamilton, we spoke to was a bit of a jerk to me. He kept saying he would send us yet ANOTHER same Motorola Droid. And I said no, there's obviously a problem with this phone. He said "Motorola Droids don't have problems like this. You and I both have one and we know there's no problems with them". Uh, yeah right? Obviously there is a problem if my brother is on his THIRD one. I was getting nowhere where this guy and was so frustrated I handed off the phone to my boyfriend so he could finish dealing with this guy.

He decides to send us phone number 4. He tells us if THIS one doesn't work he'll upgrade the phone to a newer Droid.

My brother got phone number 4 this weekend and took it straight to a Verizon store. He opened the box right there and activated it and showed them that yet again, videos were NOT working. So the girl there puts notes on his account and says that Hamilton has notes on the account also, to call my brother back to check up on the 4th phone.

I don't know all the details from when Hamilton calls my brother back but they decided to FINALLY send him a Droid X. My brother got it yesterday and opened it up to activated it. It's locked. It won't go past the logo screen. My brother calls up Verizon tech support and the lady LAUGHS at him, saying OOPS, that happens all the time. She starts to tell him the spiel about what to do when he receives the new phone, to send back the old one etc, he tells her he's been through this so many times already, he knows exactly what to do. She laughs again.
So this is phone number 5. She tells him shes going to send him phone number 6, another Droid X.


I still don't want my brother to cancel cause the rest of us can't afford a higher bill or to cancel ourselves but this is beyond ridiculous. I was thinking about sending a certified letter or something to the CEO demanding a working phone for my brother and some monetary compensation for every month he's spent an extra $30 for the smart phone that doesn't even allow him to use one of the biggest smart phone features, videos. We've also spent HOURS on the phone with techs.

Any advice?
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