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Small Annoying Here.

Dear grocery store,

Hi, might want to take down the sign on that HUGE!Display of papertowels.

The one you told my sister was wrong!wrong!wrong! when she passed by it, stopped and looked at the small pack she'd bought for the same price in amazement?

Yeah she wanted to exchange. Telling her "That isn't the right price."? why is it up there?

It's not even or two packs of these paper towels.

It was a giant display. Sign plunked right on there too. Price in big bold numbers!

Then telling her (when she said she should probably get a pack of them if you're going to mislabel them like that anyways? (in her defense, she used to work at al place that HAD to abide by this rule.)) "I can't do that!!" made her kinda irked.

Staring at her like she was an idiot for even suggesting this? Also...not really nice.

No love and a slight WTF why didn't you go immediatly get the sign down if it's so wrong?,


Edit due to morning and med fail on my part (sorry guys):

As we were leaving the store, we noticed a large display of papertowels that were marked as the same price as the piddly small size we'd bought. The stack were double the size. So my sister was like "WTF WANT THOSE"...then the annoyance proceeds.

I apologize for my wording fail. *goes to go lie down some more*
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