The Magdalen Writing (nebroadwe) wrote in bad_service,
The Magdalen Writing

Once is chance, twice is coincidence ... no, we're not going any further

Back in October I ordered a replacement adapter for my iBook G4 from A week after I received it, it suddenly stopped working, so I emailed them asking for an exchange. They said sure -- just mail it back with a copy of the receipt and a detailed note explaining the circumstances. So I did. Two weeks later I hadn't heard anything, so I emailed them again to ask what was up. They replied:
"That item came back however it did not include a note or a reason for return what is it that you wanted a exchange on the item?"
I scratched my head over this, but hey, sometimes things get lost in the mail room. So I emailed back that the adapter was dead and, yes, I wanted to exchange it for one that wasn't. To do them what little credit they deserve here, they did quickly ship the replacement.

Fast forward to last week, a month after I received the replacement adapter. It, too, drops dead. So I emailed Mac-Pro asking for a return this time, which they refused, offering me only another exchange. By this time I was having belated caveat emptor vibes, so I went looking for reviews of their operation. I wish I'd seen these first -- looks like they have a habit of selling refurbished equipment, sometimes not advertised as such, that either doesn't work out of the box or fails quickly, and their customer service under those circumstances is sub-par. So after one last round of "Look, I just want my money back for this dead adapter"/"Sorry, we can only exchange it", I gave up. Take warning by me -- don't buy from

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