Astrianna the Sleepy Warlord (sleepywarlord) wrote in bad_service,
Astrianna the Sleepy Warlord

Not sure, but a bit wtf from my standpoint.

Before seeking out the Disability Services office at my university, I emailed them. I had questions to ask as to how they let professors know, how much they had to know, where the office was, and what their rules were as per holding my information (how long, who had access, etc). Basic things I think most people would want to know. I express how hesitant I am to come forward, willing to sacrifice the benefits I could gain from such a service if I don't feel comfortable with the possible negatives.

Before I go any further, my disability isn't physically noticeable, and often suffers heavy stigmatization from most people.

So I get an email back from the person asking who I am? The person says they can't "release any information" if I don't use my university email (as they must validate my identity). (Some university policy that was hammered into everyone recently).

I reply, I haven't registered, I'm not requesting private information, I'm asking for policies, and general information one might find in a pamphlet or a handout out. I'm not at risk for violating anyone's privacy. I also mention that I'm not comfortable with attaching my condition to my name until I know their policies and how things work.

The person replies with a phrase something like labels are for jars not people.

I was so... incredulous at this time, I replied with a long rant on how I appreciate that they are open to disabilities (as I would expect them to be, working in the disability office) but unfortunately there are lots of people in this world who are not. I am not comfortable with my information being released to even my professors which I don't know very well. At this moment I don't feel I can trust most people to treat me normally if I reveal to them my condition, which is why I request information that is general (not specific) and shouldn't require that I identify myself.

Finally they tell me they'll send the information tomorrow.

In the midst of this email squabble? I email the other person who handles email in the office, and promptly they reply (first email) with the information I asked for and how they hope I can feel more comfortable seeing them so they can help me.

Seriously. Made me upset, and wtf.

TL;DR: Email for general information on how disability office handles their private information, get an email back stating I need to identify myself and my disability before I can get general policy information. Email struggle ensues where one person insists that no one (should) judge/label another. Finally agrees to send information at the same time someone else in the office offers it without struggle/hassle with encouragement.

Edit: Thanks everyone for your kind words and support. Yes this was an old bad service I remembered and I've since gotten help I needed. Thanks!
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