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Update and even more bad service!

So, this is a follow up to this post - http://community.livejournal.com/bad_service/2684649.html

So L received a phone call from the shoe store saying that the shoes that had had the heels cut down were ready to be picked up. Success! Things are going right, right? Well, no. Coz otherwise I wouldn't be posting on here.

L and her sister H go to the store to pick up the shoes and upon arriving are told that the shoes are lost. Beg pardon? Lost? Yes, lost. Nothing can be done.

After all the drama about the shoes before, L has just had enough and proceeds to have a mini meltdown. She said to me that she just started crying, couldn't stop, it was all too much.
This is where things get really bad.
The manager starts telling L that it's not that big a deal, she shouldn't be crying and to just get over it, stop making a scene etc etc in a snarky, cranky voice.
Seeing her sister being treated like this had H shedding her 'avoid confrontation at all costs' cloak and stepping in to tell the manager that she cannot speak to L like that, especially with all the stuff ups they have made regarding these damn shoes. It's the stores fault that all of this has happened, and that they as the customers should not be being blamed for it.

Eventually the manager agreed to getting two new pairs of shoes and cutting the heels down that day and then personally delivering them to L & H's parents house where all the wedding stuff is.
L has said the shoes are great, the cut down was done really well and there are no more problems and is happy to be done with the shop entirely now.

I'm so glad I wasn't there for this coz I wouldn't have been as nice as H would have been about it. I would have become a customers_suck worthy customer.
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