lindsay gail (lingail140) wrote in bad_service,
lindsay gail

Target's LACK of service causes trampling?

Check out a video recorded this morning on Black Friday at a Target in the city of Buffalo, NY:

You can also read the news story that goes along with it here.

Now luckily for me, despite living in Buffalo, I was nowhere near the scene of this fuckery at the time it happened. However, watching this video and reading the article ... I really can't help but think that this is Target's fault. Let's face it, yes, these people ARE putting themselves at risk ... however, Target knows full well the kind of mass hysteria Black Friday creates. Looking at it from a sane person's perspective, why would Target choose to fling the door's open and then let it be every man for himself? Why not make people form a single file line OUTSIDE then bring them in 10 people at time to ensure that there is no bum rush? Or even hand out doorbuster passes to the people in line first? Furthermore, in the video once it's clear that there was a problem with the line, and the people getting trampled were SCREAMING for help, it takes a good 15 seconds for ONE security guard to briskly walk over there to see what the problem was. Is Target, a multi-billion dollar company, really not capable of hiring more security on ONE day a year? REALLY?

So, discuss ... what do you think, Target's fault ... or customers should know better than to act like animals?
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