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Suck on my part for going to the same doctors office

But my reasoning for it is that I am still living with my mom while I am enrolled in post-secondary and still on her medical plan.  Since I always seem to have a everlasting string of minor and mostly easily fixable medical occurances, whenever my mom books an appointment (she's a bit of a hypochondriac) she asks if I'd like her to book one for me at the same time and we make one trip.  These happened with different doctors within the same firm.  I kept thinking that if I went to a different doctor in the firm things would be better, but I was very wrong.  These are a few of the accounts I've have with them.

Doctor one:
Anyways, a year ago or so I pulled a muscle in my rib, and another in my stomach.  I'm not sure how it happened but it did, and it did severely, apparently.  The pain was pretty intense.  The doctor puts me on Codeine(spelling?) with the orders of taking two pills twice a day.  Obviously this made me very sleepy and when I was conscious I was quite delirious.  She also gives me a doctors note for school and a note for the school of music (I sing opera, and since every muscle is utilized in my stomach while singing, singing was out of the question for me)  This was all good with the school of music and they even allowed me to have make up sessions for the ones lost when I was back on my feet.  However, my high school didn't think it was acceptable for me to be missing school even though I had an excuse and consent from my parents, and called the doctors office.  So after 3 days of bed rest, I get a call from my doctor telling me that I had absolutely no excuse for missing out on school and that the only way my injuries would heal was if I was active.
WTF?!?  How am I supposed to do anything when I can barely stay awake?  My grandma stayed at my house and took care of me during that time even.  This doctor knew that I feel the effects of medicene that makes you drowsy quite strongly... so she could have prescribed me something different or a different dosage?

Doctor two:
Pulled another muscle, this time in my groin.  So bad I had to beg my sister to take my pants off for me and hobbled around on crutches.  How did I pull it you ask?  From lifting a box weighing about a pound or two, carrying a new set of knives.  Doctor two doesn't believe this story, as it is normally seen in hockey players and other rough sports.  He asks if I had started ballet again or started playing sports.  I say no, then asks if I had a boyfriend.  I didn't understand why having a boyfriend was important until he said "I'm your doctor, I won't tell your mom if you were fooling around with him.  Just next time don't use any positions you're not capable of performing."  This is the part where I very awkwardly hopped off the table and walked hobbled out the door without pain meds or anything. I put up with the pain for another few weeks.

Doctor three:
I have been loosing weight quite mysteriously for some reason and am quite worried about my health as I am under 100 pounds, and I am literally quite disgusted with my body.  I go in and the doctor asks me if I am involved in drug use, went to a foreign country within the last 6 months etc, my activity level and what my everyday meals are.  As soon as I list off a typical day, it's very clear that she doesn't believe me.  And instead of testing me for any diseases, seeing if I have tapeworms (or something) celiac, or whatever, she goes into this big rant about how I should own up to my anorexia/bulimia and that I'm wasting her time by lying to her and how there's no way I'll receive help until I own up to it.  She also includes the little gem:  "I knew you were lying when you told me what you were having for lunch.  NO ONE has time to make that kind of stuff for lunch!"  Um, actually lady, I DO.  You see, I'm in college to become a chef as my second job (first being opera singer; lots of vomiting would ruin my pipes anyways) and everyday, we start our food projects in the morning and our products are our lunches after the teacher tries it and marks it.  So yes, I do have time to make a meal you'd typically get at a fancy restraunt or spend a good deal of time prepping and cooking.  And I do it with relish, as I have a very high mark, love cooking and LOVE eating.
I understand that I am in the age range anorexia is typically found in, and she was right to bring up up, but not in that manner at all.  I sat on the examination table very embarassed and very pissed off.  I eventually went to a different doctor and low and behold, I have a hyper-thyroid disorder!

TL;DR:  Three different doctors at the same firm serve up some wtfs and sucks, when they cannot keep inappropriate comments to themselves, arn't aware that they have overmedicated me, causing them to bitch at me for not going to school and immediately jumping to one conclusion without testing for the real possibility.
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