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They have a Buy 2 Pre-Owned Games, Get 1 Free deal so I was like SOUNDS GOOD.
The ad they sent me said in-store and online and that it would just be automatically applied at checkout.
Did that, it wasn't applied.
Sent them an e-mail and tl;dr here's what happened:

me: "Hey I see you have this discount, but it didn't work for me. Can you apply it?"
GS: "No, it's in-store only, sorry."
Um, it's not, but okay...
I looked at my order status and tried to cancel the order. It said to send an e-mail, so:
me: "Oh. I just saw that online you have a promo code for the discount. Can you just apply the discount or cancel my order and I can just re-order it?" (my fault, I'm dumb and must've missed the promo code.)
GS: "We can't cancel your order, it already shipped. You can refund it when you get it, though"

So I check my order status and...
they applied the discount and then canceled the order.
They still haven't refunded it though. :/
um, wut?

Even more confusing, online it says that it's canceled, but all my items say "Shipped", BUT when I click the tracking numbers on the items it says that the item doesn't exist.
What x____x

Also, I ordered a CD from some record company. I paid extra for 2 day shipping. That was 2 weeks ago. It's still not here. I asked them why it's not here yet and they said they don't have the CD in stock yet. Online it says my billing information has been "voided". I asked them about it and again they said the item is just not in stock yet. However, they said they get their stock once a it should be here by now? And I'm not sure how an item not being in stock = my billing info voided. ALSO the CD is not even on their website anymore...
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