Sarah (ridgelines) wrote in bad_service,

Doctor and Walgreens suck.

First, I began seeing a doctor about horrible pains in my hips and lower and upper back. The pain was getting to the point where I could barely move and really messing with my work so I wanted to get it figured out. He immediately gave me pain medicine and sent me for an x-ray. So, I went in and got them done. My doctor got the results, told me I had nothing wrong with me and he declined to give me any medication because I was obviously drug seeking, he told me that because I am young and have 2 kids with different men (which he threw in every chance he could and when I got my records from him he wrote that a lot. I think he had issues with it.) I did it to myself. So, I took my prescription for Motrin and left. The Motrin did not touch the pain and I began taking Tylenol 3 as it was the only thing I had that would help. I ended up taking too many and making myself extremely sick. I went to a new doctor telling him I could not handle the pain and I needed help. By the time I finally saw him I was in tears even talking about it. My whole back was killing me.

He sent me in for x-rays and MRIs and has been working with me to figure it out. Today I went in to find I have arthritis in my hips, scoliosis and he stated he wanted to begin the process to get a breast reduction because my bra was literally putting gashes into my shoulders and causing pain in my upper back and neck to feel like they are on fire.

He gave me a script for 15mg Percocet and Soma and set up a follow up with him so we can try and do everything to get my insurance to pay for the surgery I'll need.

I went to get my prescription filled at Walgreens and was told they'd be done at 6:30 pm. I got there at 6:45 after a call came to my phone saying they were done. I am then told that I would have to pay full price for my medication because my insurance was expired. I told her my primary insurance, Medco is active but I had AHCCCS as my secondary while I had been pregnant and it just expired. She told me that Medco expired and I had to pay for everything, which is expensive because he gave me a pretty big quantity of both. Well, I didn't bring my flex card just $10 in cash which I though was going to cover it so now I'm frustrated because I am in pain and I know she's wrong. So, finally I say screw it and call Medco myself... They tell me they paid and I am active. So, I tell the woman behind the counter again and she tells me I am wrong.

So, I told her "Okay, I will put it on my credit card but if I bring in proof that I have insurance and they have paid this, will you refund me?" Well.. This is what I tried to say before she, very rudely, cut me off and said "Just hold on." So I just stood there waiting and she says she retried and nothing is going through. So I ask her to call and she tells me I'll have to wait because there is a long line. So, I sit down. She calls me over 15 minutes to tell me that she read it wrong and she was looking at the price Medco paid, and that was not the balance and that my secondary was the one that was expired.
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