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Cityrail worker is cranky.

Was on the train and remembered this lovely Cityrail worker from a few years back.

When you're catching the same train, 5-6 days a week, from a very small train station you get kinda familiar with the station staff. This particular lady, was always kinda grim looking. Never smiled, glared a lot. No biggie, that's her problem. Till this one night...

My workmate and I had finished working at the salon, late night Thursday, after 9pm. This was later than usual. We made our way down to the station and upon seeing a train at the platform, bolted up the stairs, across the footbridge and down the stairs again to where Grim Lady was standing.
As we reached her, there were a coupla guys standing around the train doors finishing their smokes. Taking their time kinda deal.
As we were catching a later than usual train, we were unsure of whether the train stopped at my workmates stop, it's an old station and doesn't have nice electronic boards up that have the stations the train stops at up. The wooden boards don't get used after 8pm and you gotta go look it up on the fine print timetable that takes 10mins just to find the correct time and line.
So, quicker to just ask the station staff standing there, right?

Short script

L- Me!
R- workmate of awesome
GL - Grim Lady

R- *Out of breath due to running* "Does this train stop at (my stop)?"
GL- *Glares at us and turns her head away*
L- "Does this train stop at (her stop)?!"
*Guys who were smoking take their sweet time ambling on to the train*
GL- *blows her whistle, waves the white flag and the train doors close*
R&L- *gape mouthed oh no-ing!*
GL- *turns back to look at us* "Yes." *walks off*
R&L- *wither and then go to look at the next train to leave*

Next train? 40mins later. We're talking almost 10pm at night, by ourselves at a station known for druggies and alcos.
We could have caught that train. Easily.
Tags: ^wtf, bad directions, wank

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