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Professionalism: You CAN Have It.

 Maybe I'm just being bitchy (considering my whole basket consisted of spearmint gum, deodorant and female products it's a big possibility) but the cashier I had today was horrible to the lady who checked out before me. 

She didn't even have ten dollars worth of stuff to check out, so it's not as if it took forever to get her scanned in but the cashier seemed to think that because she was having a hard time with her debit card (which, to be honest, is not surprising with this specific store) she had the right to roll her eyes, sigh loudly and even hint that the lady should just leave without buying anything because she obviously couldn't make a payment.

Um, no. Her second card worked fine first of all. I've had trouble using my debit card at this store sometimes, even when I know for a fact that there's money in the account. Second? It was obvious that the older woman was very embarrassed that her card was being declined. Her hands actually started to shake while she was trying to punch in her PIN number. She looked so lost when it kept getting declined- she kept saying that it had never happened to her before. 

Was it really necessary to make faces as you printed out her transaction receipts? You even had the gall to try and get me to agree with you, that people needed to be prepared to make payments and actually have money, with this poor lady packaging up her purchases at the end of your lane.

When I failed to agree with you, complaining that you'd forgotten to charge me for a plastic bag (I had THREE items and I asked you for a bag before you started to scan them, ffs) and that you'd 'let it go this time' because you had such a long line-up and that 'other lady' took soooo long that you didn't want to void it all and start again? What the actual fuck. Seriously. 

There were two people behind me. The man who was next in line had ONE item. Try again. 
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