Kurenai Airen (kurenaiairen) wrote in bad_service,
Kurenai Airen

Set fire to Verizon and a nude chiro adjustment

Here are my two grievances.

First off Verizon should be set on fire. I called them to install only internet in my house. Called about 37 times because I am paying for 4-7mb of internet and at least half of the day my speed never goes above 3mb (as tested via their speedtest thing, and speedtest.net) and I asked them to come and fix this. Each time they call and I try to tell them when they can come out only to be told I have to submit another ticket. We're going on #5 ticket and I told them which number to call as I would be out of town but the SO would be here. I drive 6 hours to see my family and while there guess who calls? I also tried to get them to understand that I am paying $15 more then I should be. As per the site it says "internet only 39.99 for 4-7mb" and "internet only 54.99 for 10-15mb" No way in hell am I getting 10-15, when I can hardly get 4mb. So today I will be calling again because last time when I tried to explain this, "Agent Bob" was completely useless and even tried to get me to upgrade to 10-15mb and give me phone service. None of which I asked for or wanted.

Second off I have severe problems with my back and have to go to the chiropractor often. I knew once I got in the car and I heard my neck pop this was going to be awesome. I get home and try to make an appointment with my usual chiro only they were booked solid, as I should have known. I call another place because I'm desperate and they are completely free, I now know why. I get there and first thing he does is make me remove my clothing. In my mind, I don't need to be in a hospital gown for this but I stupidly went with it. He ran this machine up my spine to test the heat off of each vertebrae and see which were the problem ones and he told me about them blocking my "energy". I redress and lie down on the table and no warning, no massage to loosen the muscles no nothing. Just SNAP AND POP and not the kind were you think "oh yeah, I'm good now!" NO. This was the kind where I honestly though "Holy shit, this guy just fucking paralyzed me." he gives me some spiel about how he doesn't know what I will feel like after that I just heard him say to the person before me. I am in an immense amount of pain after leaving and all weekend felt like someone punched me in the spine and has a very tight rubber band around my forehead. He wanted me to come in the next morning to do it again and I opted out since he nearly killed me. This was this past Friday and today I went to my local chiro and he fixed me up with a massage and adjustment. I will never return to that man again. If you are ever in Honesdale PA never ever let anyone at Optimum Chiropractic touch you, or make you get naked.
Tags: first do no harm?, internet provider, two sucks one post
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