Jgirl (jussacgirl) wrote in bad_service,

Well, er... that was kind of... odd.

McDonald's again.

No, I didn't die.

No, this is not OMFG THE WORST SERVICE EVAR. Just... odd.

I went through drive-through and when I got to the pay window there was nobody there... for one or two minutes, which is kind of a long time in a drive-through. Finally a flustered and profusely apologising teenage girl appeared. That's fine. It happens. Not a problem. I paid and moved forward.

Since it had been a while since I ordered, my order was sitting on the windowsill of the next window. When I got there the same girl (no wonder she was flustered if she was doing both jobs, whut) took the items OFF the windowsill, told me there'd be a short wait and could I please park in the waiting bay.

... okay... that's not a problem. Weird.

I reverse park into the parking bay. I hadn't even entirely done so (it was seriously ten seconds) when the SAME girl rushes out with my meal, apologising again.

I'm wondering if there's some sort of managerial suck going on there! It just... made no sense to take my items off the windowsill. Either that, or she didn't realise they were mine until like a second and a half after I'd driven to the parking bay.


Several months ago at this same McDonald's I was at the get-your-food window and had just received a drink. I was putting it in my car's drink holder and the teenage guy holding my food bag snapped "can you hurry it up? We're on a timer, you know!"

... Excuse me? It took like five seconds to make sure my drink wasn't gonna spill everywhere.

He then told me his name was Jason when his name-tag said Michael. I reported him and I've not seen him there since.

Honestly, that draconian "drive-through timer" (here in Australia they are running a promotion that if it goes over three minutes you get a free food voucher) is ruining good service.
Tags: *fast food, it's only bad service if you die, mcwank, om nom nom
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