Mandi (juniorfan29) wrote in bad_service,

I'm sure some of you may not think this is bad_service, however I fact I think it is downright ridiculous service.

My best friend and his wife had a baby who was born at 27 weeks. She lived for 6 weeks, before passing away. The mother just tried to return the things they had bought during the pregnancy (bedding and such) to Babies R Us, only to be told that they could not be given a refund, but that they COULD be given in store credit. Even after being told the situation and the fact that they do not need store credit, as they no long have a child to buy for, Babies R Us refused to budge.

Now, I understand that stores have return policies and that many of them include things such as credit only after a certain amount of time. HOWEVER, I also know from working in retail that stores have the ability to bend that policy at their discretion in order to provide "good customer service". Given the circumstances, I believe this is one of those "rules are meant to be broken" type cases and that the management should have been willing to be a bit more lax on the policy rather than make an already difficult situation worse.

They contacted the district manager who, after making a comment about how people will "say anything to make a return" agreed to "break policy" and give them a refund. So, basically after all of this....the DM then proceeded to call them a liar about the death of their baby.
Tags: bloody hell, first do no harm?, omfg, uncaring service
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