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First Post- I hate you, Comcast.

K, So this is my first post (not that it matters), and my beef is with Comcast.

We signed up for their $69.99/month cable and internet plan, The initial bill (for installation and otherwise) was approx $141, that's fine. They went into my account to pay the bill, and I had insufficient funds, fine, that's cool. They accessed my account THREE more times, overdrafting my account $30 x 4. Not cool. I bitched at them numerous times, said they'd give me a $30 credit, fine. My bank also refunded my money (yay good bank!). So I get my bill today and it's $145! How does that happen with a $70 plan and a $30 credit?

I did the math and the answer is = They are trying to fuck me over.
And guess what? I'm canceling my service.

EDIT: And yes, I did pay the $141 bill, I paid in cash, and they went into my account AFTER I had paid it (3 different times).
Tags: comcast is crap, no one cares it's your first time

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