Jessica (bloodyheartless) wrote in bad_service,

Minor WTF

Last weekened my mother and I drove three hours for a campus tour. We decided to rent a motel room for the night and drive back the next day after the tour. On the room key was a pizza hut ad with the words "We deliver to your room!" We were both starved by that time as we'd left at five am and visited some family before we rented the room, and it was now six in the evening. Mom called, so I only heard one half of the conversation, but I know that first they asked her where she was, took her order, then told her they don't deliver to the town we were in. Um. Really? Although I do remember when I worked in a hotel and they got their cards from wherever, they never got them with a restaurant ad on them saying they delivered TO YOUR ROOM when they didn't. Also, why take my mom's order after you've gotten her location only to tell her you won't be delivering to her? We just shrugged and went to get Arby's instead, but still. Wtf, yo?
Tags: *pizzeria, ^wtf

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