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wizarding world of rude employees.

last week I went to Universal Studios with my boyfriend, and when we visited Honeydukes in Hogsmeade (a candy shop in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter section), he decided to buy some Bertie Bot's Every Flavour Beans. the store had huge tubes of them that you could dispense at your own liking into bags. the problem was that the bags weren't pre-measured, there was NO indication of how much candy you were getting, and the only scale in the store was located at the front register.

my boyfriend was on a budget, so he eyeballed the jelly beans and put them into a bag. we take them to the front, and he's filled it up a bit more than he wanted. $10 more to be exact, which may not seem like much but like I said, we were on a pretty tight budget.

bf says to the cashier "I'm sorry but I didn't intend to get that many. could I please remove some, or whatever would work best?" the cashier just stared at him for a few solid seconds and literally ignored him as if he didn't ask her anything at all. she rings up the jelly beans then asks him how he wants to pay. he repeats the question. she yet again completely ignores him! as if he's not even talking.

he ended up buying way more jelly beans than he wanted to. I know this is mostly his fault, he should have spoken up (and I would have, if it were my money/my purchase) but I just think it was really rude of her to ignore his question not only once, but twice in a row. even if the answer was "no, sorry, you can't take back any jelly beans once they're in the bag".. that would have been better than just straight up ignoring him.
Tags: "greatest" cashier evar!, beaaaan! beeaaannnnnn!!!!, can you hear me now?, maybe it was a dare, maybe they thought you were deaf, maybe they were zombies, my new hobby? tagging, not as as if you bought nickelback, tagger tags with love
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