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Bad drive through service.

This is a minor? bad service from a couple of summers ago..(Just discovered this comm)

My family and I were on vacation in PEI (Prince Edward Island).

We went for a McDonald's drive through, and proceeded to give our order after the whole "Welcome to McDonald's may I take your order?". The girl who was taking our order kept giggling and laughing with another co worker, and we could hear it over the speaker. She asked us to give our order again, so we did, and she was still too distracted to know what the hell we ordered. Finally we gave it a 3rd time and she got it, or so we thought.

We got back to where we were staying, and my mom's order wasn't even included, even though we had paid for it. We were so frustrated by now that we didn't want to drive back to the city, which was about a half hour away.
I decided to actually call the McDonald's in question, and complained to the manager.
Thankfully he gave us a free meal that we could pick up the next day.
So that was nice, though it shouldn't have gotten to that point in the first place.
Tags: *bad service turned good, *fast food, customers shouldn't get what they want, finger on the delete button, it's only bad service if you die, wank
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