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Nail drama!

I like to get my nails done regularly, particularly at this nail place in the next town over. I'm not the sort of gal who MUST go every other week or the earth will stop rotating, but when I've broken off three of them, it's time to get them done. Unfortunately, my nail lady was out of town, so I was forced to go to the one in the mall in which I also work. Background on me: I'm 5'8 and 145 poundsish. Not fat, but certainly not underfed by any means. I am tall, blond, and pale as shit because I'm mostly scandinavian-esque. To add to that, I was dressed up nicely for work, so I thought I looked pretty fab except for the three broken nails. In the half hour I was trapped in her chair, the woman doing my nails said the following to me:

Crazy Nail Tech: You're so pale. Do you go tanning? You should go tanning, you're so pale....but I really like pale skin! So pretty!
Me: Um. No I don't go tanning.
CNT: *file file file* I love your shoes.
Me: Thanks. I work across the hall, they're new this week actually. (5 inch wonderbeasts)
CNT: They're so pretty. But you're so tall already! Why do you wear such tall shoes? You don't need to be any taller!
Me: ....I work at a shoe store and I like them? (why am I explaining this to you?)
CNT:I wish I was taller, I love tall people.
Me: ???
CNT: *buff buff buff* OMG you're so skinny, doesn't your boyfriend feed you? You should really eat more, you're so skinny. I love skinny people though, you're so lucky. So pretty. *legit ogle*
Me: ...
CNT: *tsk tsk noise* Why do you bite your nails? You really mess them up that way. You shouldn't bite them.
Me: (no shit, that's why i get acrylics. clearly)
CNT: When are you getting married?
ME: October (if you must know).
CNT:Is it a big wedding?
Me: Yeah, he's Italian. Big family.
CNT: Are you going on a honeymoon after?
Me: Yes, dominican republic.
CNT: Oh. In my country, we don't go on honeymoons. It's a waste of money. We have a big party but everyone brings things so that it's cheap and then we just have a party.
Me: Well the Dominican was pretty cheap, and it's all inclusive. (and I'm pretty sure the wedding is the party too? What?)
CNT: Yeah we just don't spend money on stuff like that. We'd rather have a party here.
Me: ...(you done yet?)

The whole thing was just WTF. I hate going there. I don't engage in question and answer time if I can help it, and I'd figure that they would appreciate customers that don't want to chit chat. I would, I dunno. I hate that they come shop in my store and ask me awkward questions there too. One of them came in yesterday and asked me why I took my nails off and I WANTED to tell her because I didn't want to be forced to go to your place again, but i just shrugged and said I didn't know. GO AWAYYYYYYY.

Edited to clarify: I was "forced" to go here only because I don't like interviewing possible new hires (as I was doing that day) with three missing nails, and my nail gal was out of town. I also had a corporate meeting the next day, and wouldn't have time to go before that. So no gunpoint involved, but I don't like having jacked up nails for important events, that's all.

Insulting your customers = giving them bad service, regardless of whether or not you were trying to make small talk, start a conversation, or compliment them. It backfired, she failed on all accounts, and therefore provided poor service. Body policing, from anyone (man, woman, asian, american, customer, service provider) when it is not specifically requested is inappropriate and rude. Holy wank.
Tags: ^annoyance, a wave of understanding, as featured on sf_d, don't speak, it's only bad service if you die, salon/barber, wank
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